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raveninthewind: Minions in love (Minion heart)

raveninthewind's Journal

my back is breaking from this heavy heart

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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Created on 2009-04-15 04:02:05 (#63929), last updated 2019-04-09 (1 week ago)

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Birthdate:May 8
Location:Washington, United States of America
This journal is about two-thirds fannish and one-third personal. I try to emphasize the fun side of life, because I agree with House: "Everything sucks. Might as well find something to smile about." (from episode 2x16, "Safe")

I'm divorced, not looking for a relationship, but not opposed. I'm gray-ace, so I don't expect a connection to happen, but life offers unexpected blessings sometimes.

Friending policy: I rarely lock posts (usually just ultra personal or work-related ones), so I don't automatically friend back. All recs posts will be unlocked. I don't filter, so it's hard to keep up if my flist gets too big. If you friend me, I'll visit your LJ until I get to know you; I friend based on the fannish content of your LJ and the number of fannish interests we share, plus general vibes I get from your journal. I tend to favor my current obsessions, which at the moment are Marvel Movieverse, Person of Interest, Sherlock, and Teen Wolf, with side of comics and a dash of sci-fi TV fandoms. I'm multifandom, so there'll be forays into other fandoms as the spirit moves.

I am not afraid to keep on living
I am not afraid to walk this world alone

* * * * * *
I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing
with a broken heart that's still beating

* * * * * *
Your hands once touched this table and this silver,
And I have seen your fingers hold this glass.
These things do not remember you, beloved,
And yet your touch upon them will not pass.
—Conrad Aiken
* * * * * *
the history of melancholia
includes all of us.
—Charles Bukowski
* * * * * *
"Hope may be a lying jade, but she does at any rate lead us to the end of our lives along a pleasant path."
—Fran├žois, duc de la Rochefoucauld (1613-1680), Sentences et Maximes Morales
* * * * * *
"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning."
—Louis L'Amour

Also to be found (theoretically thus far) on
And, I'm at on Twitter.

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